Sugarcane commissioner issues guidelines for safe and successful operation of crushing season 2021-22


Commissioner, Cane & Sugar Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy issued detailed guidelines for safe and successful operation of crushing season 2021-22. Giving information in this regard, the commissioner, Cane and Sugar Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy told that Government of India and the State Government has issued guidelines regarding the prevention of Covid-19 from time to time, In view of this the guidelines of this protocol were issued and compliance was ensured by the sugar mills and departmental subordinate offices in the last crushing session 2019-20. As a result of this, the last crushing season has been completed safely without infection of Covid-19.

He also informed that since the risk of infection of Covid-19 is still present, so in the present circumstances the safe operation of the coming crushing season 2020-21 is more challenging and it is imperative to implement the issued safety protocols and measures more effectively to avoid infection. By which the employees associated with sugar industry of the state as well as departmental personnel’s and about 48 lakh sugarcane farmers can be protected and the cane supply and crushing work can be completed successfully.

The Cane Commissioner also told that to prevent the spread of the infection of Covid-19, It will be imperative to comply with the guidelines issued regarding arrangements of hand sanitization at sugar mills office premises, canteen etc. and use of masks at work sites, social distancing, and cleanliness and sanitization of machines and other goods and regular testing of the health of the workers and emergency arrangements. Cane Commissioner has given advise to employees for strictly follow the safety measures and not to panic.

Instructions have also been given to conduct 100 per cent health test of seasonal employees at the time of joining in crushing season and to isolate sick employees. In addition to this, sugar mills and Cane Societies have also been directed to conduct thermal screening of all personnel at cane Society offices, sugar mill gates and purchasing centres and to provide adequate quantity of soap, water and sanitizer. The Cane Commissioner has also issued guidelines to all departmental officers for prevention of Covid-19, to prevent infection from person to person; social distancing and monitoring of body temperature should be adopted at the work places. Items used by more than one person like- furniture, machines etc. should also be sterilized. To avoid infection through hands, nose, ears and mouth, the cane commissioner has instructed to repeatedly rinsed hands with soap or cleansed with hand sanitizer and avoid touching the eyes, nose, ears and mouth and use of napkins or masks while sneezing and coughing.

In Cane Societies or other offices associated with sugar mill or Cane Department, where many personnel work and frequent visits of farmers and workers are unavoidable, in such places like mill gates, purchasing centres etc., social distancing should be followed, and at least a minimum distance of 02 yards should be maintained between two personnel in meetings. Do not shake hands with farmers and visitors and do not hug, make adequate distance and greet appropriately with folded hands. Instructions have also been given for regular sanitization of the Government Offices, Mill canteen, furniture etc. should be cleaned and sterilized by appropriate chemical on daily basis.

The Cane Commissioner has also directed all the officers to conduct virtual meetings in place of physical meetings as much as possible, and Make sure to sanitize the HHC machine, computer, keyboard, mouse etc. being used by other personnel, during office work. With a view to prevent infection and spread of Covid-19 at sugar mills, cane Society and councils office sites during crushing season, Guidelines were also given to the departmental officers to keep adequate arrangements for automated sanitization machines, medicines recommended for the treatment of Covid-19, ambulances, oximeters, and PPE kits etc


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