Sugarcane crop affected by Pokka Boing disease

Budaun, Uttar Pradesh: The ongoing spread of Pokka Boing disease has affected sugarcane crops, causing distress among sugarcane farmers. These farmers are currently seeking guidance from agricultural experts to combat this issue and safeguard their crops. They emphasize that the continued uncontrolled spread of this disease could lead to adverse effects on production.

Pokka Boing disease has particularly impacted variety 0238, one of the most prevalent strains. This variety is cultivated in numerous villages such as Silhary, Barategadar, Mogar, Bavat, Harinagla, Bhagwatipur, and Ballia. Consequently, farmers in these areas are grappling with the consequences of this disease.

The emergence of Pokka Boing disease is characterized by distinct curling of leaves following the growth of sugarcane crops. The upper leaves of the sugarcane are curving downward and subsequently drying out. In areas where the disease is most rampant, the upper portion of the sugarcane crop appears to have been twisted, resembling a twist knot.

In response, sugarcane officers emphasize the necessity of implementing measures to combat this disease. These steps include the appropriate management practices to prevent the widespread occurrence of the Pokka Boing disease and the damage it causes to the sugarcane crops.


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