Sugarcane crops damaged due to floods in Panipat, Sonepat

Panipat: Sugarcane crops grown in the Panipat and Sonepat district have been damaged as they were submerged due to heavy rains and flooding in the Yamuna River, reports Tribune India.

Crops grown over 20,000 acres of land including sugarcane, paddy, fodder crop and vegetables in the Panipat district have been submerged. In Sonepat crops grown over 13,000 acres on the banks of the Yamuna River have been inundated.

The river continues to flow above the danger mark of 231.5 meters due to incessant rain and the release of water from the Hathnikund Barrage on the Yamuna.

The river flows through Panipat covering 45 km and 41.7 km in Sonepat district.

Around 18,000-20,000 acre of land was submerged due to floods in the villages on the banks of the Yamuna, said Wazir Singh, Deputy Director of the Agriculture Department. The assessment of the actual loss will be done after the water level of the river recedes, he said.


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