Sugarcane department issues advisory to protect sugarcane crop from red rot

Lucknow: Sugarcane crops in Uttar Pradesh are affected due to the red rot disease. Sugarcane Commissioner Sanjay R Bhoosreddy has issued advisory for the field officers and sugarcane farmers to take steps to protect the crops from the disease which is considered as cancer of sugarcane. Field officers across the state have been asked to prepare and implement micro plans to replace seeds in disease-affected areas.

According to the cane department, the disease spreads through the seed in the sugarcane plant. The possibility of getting infected by the Red Rot disease is more in the varieties, which are being sown by farmers for a long time, because with time, the immunity of such verities decreases due to genetic degradation.

Bhoosreddy said, “Sugarcane area under varieties co-0238 should be replaced by new early maturing cane verities i.e. co-0118, cos-08272 and co-98014 etc. In places where sugarcane crop is affected by this disease, other crops should be sown in that field in place of sugarcane.”

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