Sugarcane Department on the way to fulfill the dream of Digital India

Lucknow: Under the leadership of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath and under the guidance of Hon’ble Minister of Sugar Industry and Cane Development, Shri Suresh Rana, the Cane Development Department is making meaningful efforts towards fulfilling the dream of Digital India. One more chapter is being added in the chain of these efforts being made by the Cane Department.

Giving detailed information in this regard, State Commissioner, Cane and Sugar, Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy informed that the Co-operative Cane and Sugar mill societies of the state are a registered body of Cane farmers and Cane growers can supply Sugarcane to sugar mills through Cane and Sugar mill societies only after obtaining legal membership as per rules. In order to simplify the complex process of Society membership and to facilitate the farmers, a decision was taken to introduce a transparent and speedy membership system through ERP in order to provide online Society membership to the farmers.

The Cane Commissioner said that in relation to providing online membership to new farmers, detailed guidelines have been issued by the departmental officers regarding registration for online membership, verification of records of farmers and grant of membership. To get online membership, farmers will have to visit the and have to click on the option named Action, then they have to apply for membership in the option named ‘New Membership’ and the farmers will have to upload their latest photo, bank passbook, revenue khatauni, photo identity card and declaration form on the website. After that, the acknowledgment form will be received, after taking a print out of this acknowledgment form, the farmer will have to show the acknowledgment receipt in the society within 04 days and then they will be provided the computer generated receipt after depositing the prescribed membership fee of rupees two hundred and twenty one only.

He said that in case the application of the farmer is approved or rejected, it will be informed by SMS on the registered mobile number of the concerned farmer and within a week after the membership is received the share certificate will also be provided to the farmer.

It was also told that till now manual process was being adopted for membership in Cane and Sugar mill societies, from submission of records related to revenue and Cane area of ​​the farmer to on-site verification to the granting of formal membership, the farmers had to go through an elaborate process and thus, the ordinary cane farmer gets caught in the clutches of middlemen. Due to online membership of Cane committees, the dependence of farmers on departmental personnel and middlemen will end and farmers will get membership of the Society sitting at home and their money and time will be saved.




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