Sugarcane department takes several steps to ensure increase in farmers income


Lucknow: The Cane Department has taken several steps to ensure increase in Cane farmers’ income. In this regard, Commissioner, Cane and Sugar, Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy has informed that continuous work is being done by the department in this direction to ensure increase in Cane productivity and sugar recovery, decreasing production cost and thereby increasing farmers’ income. He told that the need of the hour is to adopt new modern techniques like trench planting, inter-cropping, ratoon management, trash mulching and drip irrigation in an integrated manner for sugarcane cultivation. That is why the department has given a name it “Panchamrita”. In this way, the plots on which Cane cultivation will be done through “Panchamrit” methods will be demonstrated as ‘Adarsh model’ of Cane cultivation.

Shri Bhoosreddy said that the adoption of integrated modern techniques in sugarcane cultivation will reduce the cost of production of sugarcane and increase the yield of sugarcane as well as it will save water, increase the fertility of the land and increase the market and domestic demand. Along with this, according to the market and domestic demand, the production of crops like food grains, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables etc. will be beneficial to the farmers. Farmers using drip irrigation, intercropping farming and sowing with trench methods will be given priority in yield increase and will be given ‘Uttam Ganna Krishak’ certificate.

He also added that autumn sowing is important for starting this programme and under this sowing, initially a total 1555 farmers will be selected in State for developing Adarsh model plots. The minimum area of the Adarsh model plot will be 0.5 hectares and it will be mandatory to select at least 05 Adarsh models in the Cane Development Council of the eastern UP and at least 10 Adarsh models each in every Cane Development Councils of middle and western UP. Along with this, under the Autumn Sowing 2020-21, sowing target through trench method has been fixed at 2,20,000 hectares, target for intercropping farming with sugarcane has been also fixed at 2,20,000 hectares and 777 hectares for drip irrigation.

Publicity will also be done about the benefits of farming by adopting improved techniques, so that other sugarcane farmers of the state will also be attracted towards adopting integrated techniques and the use of latest techniques in sugarcane farming will increase.



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