Sugarcane department to curb menace of under weighment at Cane purchasing centers

Lucknow: In larger interest of sugarcane farmers, the Commissioner, Cane and Sugar shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy has intensified exercise to eradicate the evil of under-weighment in crushing season 2020-21. Comprehensive instructions have been issued to district administration and departmental officers regarding putting a complete check on the under weighment at Cane purchasing centers.

Providing information in this regard, the Cane Commissioner told that licenses of weighment clerks will be issued by the concerned District Magistrates and will be made available to the sugar mills 15 days before the cane purchasing center is operated. While weighing sugarcane at the purchasing center, the photo identity card along with the license will be compulsorily kept by the weighment clerks. The Database of the weighment clerks whose licenses have been issued will be uploaded on the ERP website by concerned Assistant Sugar Commissioner.

The Cane Commissioner also informed that to ensure transparency, fortnightly transfer of weighment clerks will be done through E.R.P. and the list will be uploaded on the ERP website and will also be circulated on social media. Instructions has also been given for non-issuance of license in case of license being canceled or penalized in the last 05 years and and not to post local resident, at the purchasing center. Occupier of sugar mills will ensure installation of manual weighbridges of minimum 10 ton capacity at sugar mill gate for comparative checking by farmers. Instructions have been issued for daily pasting of acknowledgement sheet of purchies to be weighed on purchasing center.

In case under weighment is found during inspection, then the difference cane price realization will be ensured by assistant sugar commissioner and to maintain the purity and sanctity of electronic weighbridges, weight and Measurement department will ensure Stamping and sealing of the weighbridges. The information of Cane weighment ,cane payment and Bank account number etc. will be made available to the farmers on the telephone numbers through S.M.S. under smart weighment so that farmers may know the weight and price of their Cane.

Instructions have been issued to establish a control room and post a senior cane officer in the sugar mills. This will facilitate the farmers in getting their cane supply information at each purchase center. Control room toll free number 1800-121-3203 and mobile numbers of District and Regional officers will be displayed so that in case of any problem, farmer may contact the authorities. In case under weighment is found, the FIR will be lodged against sugar mill alongwith original equipment manufacturer of weighbridges, software provider & A.M.C. providing company.

In order to prevent spread of Covid-19, Commissioner, Cane & Sugar Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy has also issued instructions to maintain social distancing, use of masks and follow up of instruction passed by Health Department and the Government from time to time. The Sugar Mill will ensure arrangements of Sanitizer and soap & water at all Cane purchasing centers.


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