Sugarcane department to take action for charging more than the prescribed fee to make new members in Cooperative Cane Societies

Lucknow: Commissioner, Cane and Sugar Shri. Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy told that such Cane farmers of the state who cultivate sugarcane on their land have to be a member of Cooperative Cane societies, to supply their sugarcane to the Sugar Mills. The Cane farmers can become member of society by purchasing a share of Rs.200 and a membership fee of Rs.21. Instructions have been issued to departmental officers, as the matter of charging more than the prescribed fee from the farmers in the name of providing membership of the Cooperative Cane societies, came into knowledge through social media.

Giving detailed information in this regard, Shri Bhoosreddy told that supervisors of the Cane department and Sugar Mills jointly motivate such sugarcane farmers to become members, those are cultivating sugarcane, but are not members of the Societies. To become a member, farmers have to deposit share money of Rs.200 and membership fee of Rs.21 along with their documents such as four photographs, revenue records, Bank account number, photo ID. and affidavit in Cooperative Cane Societies. Receipt of this money is also provided to sugarcane farmers. After verifying land records with the revenue records they are granted membership of the Societies.

Cane Commissioner said that it has been cognized through social media that certain cane supervisors are charging more than the prescribed fee in the name of making of new members, which is absolutely illegal and beyond the rules. Instructions have been given to take strict punitive action against such Cane supervisors who spoil the departmental image and the officers who provide them security.

Cane Commissioner has also appealed to the sugarcane farmers that if a demand of more than Rs.221 is made from them in the name of making a new member or for functioning new bonds, then they should immediately reported it to their Cane development inspector, Senior cane development inspector, Secretary, District Cane Officer and Deputy Cane Commissioner. If prompt action is not being taken, then they can report on the toll free number 1800-121-3203 of the Cane Commissioner’s office.

Shri Bhoosreddy has also directed the departmental officers to paste the flexi boards at all the mill gates, society offices, departmental offices, tehsils, etc., regarding necessary procedure and prescribed fee for obtaining membership of the Cooperative Cane societies. Officers have also been instructed that if this matter of charging more than the prescribed membership fee in their area comes to the notice then adverse cognizance will be taken.

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  1. History of sugar industry in UP is more than 100 years old. Farmers get themselves registered with Cane societies to avail cane supply facility provided by the societies to member cane growers.As per Sugarcane Act, only cane society-an association of cane farmers-can market cane to sugar mill. So cane farmers get themselves registered with Cane societies to become its member. In this process a farmer approaches cane supervisor of his area/ circle with land records, identity and bank passbook and three passport size photographs. The supervisor gives him a membership affidavit form and a form for self declaring necessary detail of him in writing. In practice, it is the supervisor who writes the farmers papers on his behalf except that the farmers undersign it. This tradition is going on in the Department since inception.
    Every year, lakhs of new cane growers register themselves as new members with cane societies. Many of them are heirs apparent of old members or one who seed cane for the first time. This practice is continuing unabated without break, when there has been marked change in the working of similar work in private sector and education area where millions of students get themselves registered using internet for paying fees and uploading documents. But because of paucity of time or will with responsible person in the department, there is little change with the century old system of Cane growers making rounds of cane societies and Cane supervisors with no end in sight.
    This is not one aberration, but there are issues galore those are concerned with Cane Department of the state. Like there is least utilisation of internet and computer in the department. Even in offices where computers are installed they are mostly used as electronic typewriter. Whatever digital stride the department claim to have made is the work of sugar industry. In the offices of department you will easily get a look of eighties(1970-79).
    So it is not the supervisor who is responsible for fleecing guilible farmers in the name of making shareholder of the society, but the environment in which he works.


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