Sugarcane dues: Faceoff between Congress MLA and Minister


Dehradun: The government and the opposition Congress have come face to face over the issue of pending sugarcane arrears. Congress MLA from Manglaur, Qazi Nizamuddin, has accused the parliamentary affairs minister Madan Kaushik for misleading the house and providing wrong information and submitted a notice for breach of privilege motion in Vidhan Sabha.

According to the news report published in, he said that the minister stated that all the dues of sugarcane farmers for the season 2019-20 have been paid. Qazi said that he got the information that the Rs 10 Crore of Iqbalpur Sugar mill are still not paid to the farmers.  However, the minister stood by his statement and said that the mill has made payment to the cooperative society which would pay the farmers.

Speaker Premchand Agarwal said that both are right in their perspective and it should not be pursued further and should be considered as solved.


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