Sugarcane farmers advised to avoid excessive and unbalanced use of insecticides for controlling insect pests in Sugarcane


Lucknow: Commissioner Sugar & Cane, Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy said that according to scientific recommendations, the use of Coragen only once in the crop year is enough for controlling the borers in sugarcane crop. This pesticide is very expensive and its residual effect remains for a long time and it does not degrade quickly in the soil. Therefore, excessive use of Coragen is neither economical for the farmers nor good for the environment. It is a classified dangerous chemical, which has adverse effects on the environment and soil health.

Due to misleading publicity in relation to Coragen pesticide, it is being used by farmers 2 to 3 times in sugarcane crop, which is very wrong. This not only causes economic losses to the farmers, but also adversely affects the environment and soil health.

According to the report dated- 23.03.2017 of I.I.S.R, Lucknow, it can be used to control early shoot borer and top borer, and only one application in last week of May or first week of June is enough in Cane crop. Similarly, in the report of U.P.C.S.R. Shajahanpur, it has been stated that it can be used for control of early shoot borer and top borer. National Sugar Institute, Kanpur has also recommended that Coragen can be used for control early shoot borer, top borer.

Therefore the above scientific reports confirm that Coragen should be used to protect the Cane crop against borers and its one application is enough for cane crop. Coragen is an expensive pesticide which leads to significant increase in cost of sugarcane production, so farmers are advised to make optimum use of pesticide without being influenced by any misleading publicity, for making economic use, Coragen should be used, when more than 15% plants in field are infested with borer.

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