Sugarcane farmers advised to use fertilizer according to soil healthcare by conducting soil test

Lucknow: Commissioner, Cane and Sugar Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy told that Cooperative Cane Development Societies will ensure distribution of fertilizers to sugarcane farmers as per the recommendation of the soil health card. It is notable that the use of fertilizers in balanced quantities has important contribution in increasing the sugarcane production, sugarcane productivity and sugar recovery along with providing stability to fertility of land.

A Soil Health Card is used to assess the current status of soil health. A Soil Health Card displays soil health indicators and associated descriptive terms. The indicators are typically based on farmers practical experience and knowledge of local natural resources. The card lists soil health indicators that can be assessed without the aid of technical or laboratory equipment.

Cane Commissioner also said that the use of soil health card will reduce the use of fertilizers by 25 percent, the income of farmers will increase by 4.3 percent. The fertility and natural properties of the soil are maintained by using adequate amount of nutrients/fertilizer and due to reduced leaching, there is no pollution of soil and water and it also helps in conservation of environment.

Giving information about the use of soil testing, the Cane Commissioner said that for this purpose, the targets for daily soil testing has been set for soil testing laboratories set up in cooperative and private sector sugar mills of the state and in this important function Soil Testing Laboratory of Shahjahapur Unit of Uttar Pradesh Sugarcane Research Council Shahjahapur Has been tied up.

In order to fulfill the objectives of the scheme of Soil Health Card and awareness among sugarcane farmers, the department has issued notice to Regional officers to spread awareness about soil health card and soil testing related information up to grass root level.


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