Sugarcane farmers ask for new audit on Kenya’s sugar deficit

Sugarcane farmers have demanded an audit of the sugar deficit in the country that has spiked the sugar import at the expense of the domestic producers, reports Business Daily.

The annual sugar deficit remains static at 200,000 metric tonnes despite doubling the functioning of sugar mills to 10 in the past few years, said the Kenya Sugarcane Growers Association.

Association claims that considering the increase in the sugarcane crushing volumes to more than 10,000 tonnes per day, the sugar deficit should not be more than 50,000 metric tonnes.

Richard Ogendo, secretary-general of the association said, “The sugar deficit was at 200,000 metric tonnes when we had only five sugar factories. We are asking why deficit remains as it is when 10 factories are operating now.”

An increase in domestic demand is one of the major reasons for the sugar deficit, said Willis Audi, director, Agriculture and Food Authority Sugar Directorate.


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