Sugarcane farmers go digital with online app

Ganna Master, an app developed for sugarcane farmers, is helping them resolve their issues online and guiding them to manage their budget and spending for cane cultivation, reports Indian Express.

“Our app provides a facility for farmers to pre-fix their budget at the beginning of the season and it keeps on updating their daily expenses. They would be able to see the amount they have spent at the end of the season,” said Ankush Chormule, CEO and Director of Ganna Master.

After the farms are geotagged and entered into the app, the farmers get reminders about fertiliser inputs, sprays and weather updates for their particular region. Hence they can be ready to tackle the situation immediately, he said.

Farmers also get news and updates about the cane-growing from across the world. Since its launch on April 24, the app has received around 200 paid subscribers, said Chormule.


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