Sugarcane farmers have lost Rs 10,000 crore: Priyanka Gandhi


Kushinagar: Congress leader and AICC general secretary for Uttar Pradesh east Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has hit out at the government over sugarcane farmers issue.

While addressing an election rally in Uttar Pradesh, she said, “Due to demonetisation 50 lakh jobs were lost. The sugarcane farmers have lost Rs 10,000 crore. The money of your Kisan Bima (insurance) has been transferred to big industrialists.”

“When farmers from all states marched to Delhi and raised their issues, our Prime Minister remained silent. They wanted to meet the PM, but he did not step out of his office, even for five minutes. He does not have time for the poor and farmers.” she further added.

Issues related to sugarcane farmers in Uttar Pradesh have remained a key political issue and dominated the electoral discourse in the Lok Sabha polls as sugarcane farmers vote is very decisive.


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