Sugarcane farmers in Shamli protest delayed payment

Shamli, Uttar Pradesh: Protesting farmers continue their hunger strike for the fifth consecutive day at the Shamli sugar mill premises, demanding full payment for their sugarcane supply and the allocation of procurement centers to other sugar mills, reported Amar Ujala.

Upset with their unmet requests, these farmers have blockaded the main gate and distillery gate of the sugar mill, all while expressing their grievances.

As per media report, farmers are demanding that procurement centers to be relocated to different sugar mills. Information regarding the blockade of the mill gates was conveyed to both the district administration and the Shamli police station.

To manage the situation, police officials have been deployed at the Shamli sugar mill. The demonstrators, numbering in the hundreds, arrived at the sugar mill at approximately 5 p.m., where they proceeded to barricade the distillery gate and employee gates while chanting slogans.



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