Sugarcane farmers intensified protest outside sugar mill


Hyderabad: Like Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra, sugarcane farmers in Telangana too are awaiting for their sugarcane dues to be cleared.

Sugarcane farmers, who gave their sugarcane to Trident sugar factory in Kottur have intensified their protest due to non-payment of cane arrears. They staged a demonstration outside the sugar factory demanding sugar mill to pay the dues of 2018-2919 season at the earliest.

As sugarcane farmers are vote bank, eyeing which local political parties have also extended their support them.

Farmers allege that they are having a tough time to meet their daily requirement due to non-payment of cane bills.

Earlier, the mill had moved to Telangana High Court challenging the order of the Central government in allowing it to sell only limited stocks of sugar present in mill’s godown. Following which court allowed sugar company to sell stocks.

Mill claims due to sugar glut, depressed sugar prices, they are unable to accumulate money, therefore, it is finding it difficult to clear the cane dues.

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