Sugarcane farmers protest outside office of Deputy Commissioner for pending cane dues

Mysuru: Sugarcane cultivators organized a protest outside the new Deputy Commissioner’s office on Bannur Road, held on Monday, August 14, reports The Hindu.

The demonstration was intended to voice their grievances and advocate for their demands, primarily the crucial request for the payment of pending dues amounting to ₹150 per tonne of sugarcane delivered to the sugar mills.

Under the guidance of Kurubur Shanthkumar, President of the State Sugarcane Growers Association, the farmers endeavored to ascend the main gate of the DC’s office complex to gain entry, but law enforcement personnel prevented them from doing so. In light of their inability to access the premises, the farmers positioned themselves in front of the main gate and staged a protest, voicing slogans to convey their concerns.

Earlier, the farmers, led by Mr. Shanthkumar, conducted a march from the Lalitha Mahal Grounds to the new DC office, where they aimed to have their demands met. Upon reaching the DC office, a segment of the farmers attempted to scale the locked gate with the intent of entering the premises, but their efforts were thwarted by the police.

The protesting farmers emphasized the urgency of addressing their demands and expressed frustration that the factories had not fulfilled their obligation of paying the arrears amounting to ₹150 per tonne of sugarcane, despite numerous meetings with the Deputy Commissioner. Additionally, the farmers are seeking remuneration of ₹4,000 per tonne for the sugarcane supplied to the factories, along with compensation for harvesting and transportation expenses incurred in the process. The farmers have also requisitioned an uninterrupted supply of electricity to power their irrigation pump sets.


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