Sugarcane farmers protest outside sugar mills in Karnal demanding hike in SAP

Karnal, Haryana: Sugarcane farmers associated with the Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) (Tikait) organised a protest outside sugar mills on Sunday demanding a hike in the state-advised price (SAP) of sugarcane, reports Hindustan Times.

Farmers also blocked roads in front of the sugar mills for an hour and threatened to intensify their agitation if the government fails to increase SAP for the cane to Rs 450 per quintal from the current Rs 362.
Roads to the three sugar mills in Karnal were blocked by the cane farmers parking their tractor-trailers.

Ratan Mann, BKU state president said, “Input costs for sugarcane have increased but the yield has declined and farmers are expecting relief from the government. After repeated demands, the government has refused to increase SAP for the cane. We have given one week’s ultimatum to the government to hike SAP to Rs 450 else we will intensify our protest.”

The BKU (Charuni) is also planning to protest outside the residence of all ministers and MLAs demanding a hike in SAP of sugarcane.


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