Sugarcane farmers refuse to supply sugarcane to sugar mill

Hapur, Uttar Pradesh: Farmers in the region are reluctant to supply their sugarcane to the Simbhaoli sugar mill due to delayed payment, reported Live Hindustan.

They have begun protesting and demanding the relocation of the local procurement centre, which has been situated in their village for years, to the Chandanpur mill instead.

In the Paswada area of Bahadurgarh, like every year, preparations are underway for the Simbhaoli sugar mill to purchase sugarcane from the farmers. However, this year, the local farmers are already showing signs of reluctance to deliver their sugarcane to Simbhavli. A dozen or more farmers gathered at the procurement centre of Simbhaoli mill on Thursday to protest and voice their grievances, stating that they have been waiting for their sugarcane payments for over a year.

The farmers issued a stern warning, saying that unless the procurement centre of Simbhaoli sugar mill is shifted to Chandanpur mill, they will not deliver their sugarcane under any circumstances. They mentioned that they might opt to sell sugarcane to crushing units at lower rates because payment there is immediate.



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