Sugarcane farmers to raise issue of revival of closed sugar mills

Kasimabad, Uttar Pradesh [May 23, 2023]: The 25th state convention of Kisan Sabha is set to address the pressing concerns of sugarcane farmers, particularly the revival of the closed Nandganj sugar mill and Badaura’s Katai sugar mill, according to regional head and former MLA Rajendra Yadav, as reported by Amar Ujala.

Scheduled to take place at the district headquarters from June 8 to 10, the convention aims to bring attention to the longstanding issue faced by farmers in the region.

“Our organization has been tirelessly advocating for the revival of these sugar mills for the past ten years, but unfortunately, the government has not taken the matter seriously,” expressed Rajendra Yadav. The closure of these mills has not only resulted in job losses for hundered of workers but has also imposed financial troubles upon the farmers.

In addition to the revival of the closed sugar mills, Yadav emphasized that the convention will also highlight the demand for an increase in the support price for sugarcane to Rs 450 per quintal.

The convention serves as a platform for farmers to voice their grievances and seek solutions to the challenges faced by the sugarcane industry in the region.


  1. U P only two mills closed
    In Anthira about 20 sugar
    mills closed
    In Tamil Nadu about ten closed and two mills
    Kerala three mills closed

    But the central and state
    government are not bothered

    But they are making toures
    to bring international people
    to start industry here
    First let them study the problem faced by the
    existing sugar industry
    and save the laks of employees and crores of
    Cooperative movement in our country was very good
    why it is not performing well

    The government should form
    a commity consist of government officials farmers
    and technologies to find out the problem faced by the
    industry and revive the closed factory sN


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