Sugarcane farmers to use modern machinery

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Karnal: The face of labour intensive sugarcane farming will be revamped as farmers from the region will start using modern machinery in fields.

New Holland Agriculture Company has come up with machine for cane growers, which will utilize less fuel and generate more revenue for farmers.

Company has designed the machines keeping in view the need for cane farmers. According to manufacturers, it can be used for multipurpose work from sowing in the field to cane cutting.

The company demonstrated the functioning of this machine at Saraswati Sugar mill, Yamuna Nagar.

The programme was attended by senior officers from Saraswati Sugar mill, Shahabad, Co-operative sugar mill, Karnal Co-operative sugar mill, Pikadali Agro Ltd and Haryana Co-operative sugar mill along with the officials from Agricultural department and Sugar commissioner Ajit Joshi and scientist Samar Singh.


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