Sugarcane farmers, truck owners awaiting pending payments


Ponda: Sugarcane farmers and truck owners that have sent sugarcane to the Karnataka based sugar mill through Sanjivani sugar mill have stated that they are yet to receive the pending bills.

The state government had in 2019 stated that the machinery of the Sanjivani sugar mills is damaged and had assured farmers to crush sugarcane grown in Goa by sending it to some other mill. Accordingly, the government sent cane to Khanapur based sugar mill in Karnataka for the 2019-20 season.

According to the, Harshad Prabudesai, member of farmers association, questioned how they would survive without payments. He said, “The government had assured of clearing the bills of sugarcane supplied to Karnataka sugar mill but no action is being taken so far and farmers are reeling under the financial burden.”

As per news report, truckers alleged that the transport contractor for whom they worked and operated trucks for transportation of sugarcane to Karnataka had not cleared their bills.

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