Sugarcane Farmers Warn Mass Immolation Due To This Reason



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Bijnor: With each passing days, a crisis in the sugar industry is escalating. Farmers are facing financial distress because of pending sugarcane dues. As a result, they are up in arms for the last more than two months.

Sugarcane farmers in Uttar Pradesh under the banner of Azad Kisan Union have threatened mass immolation at Bijnor district magistrate’s office on February 4 if all their dues are not cleared until January, reported

Recently, they had locked up all tehsils for their demands. According to, addressing a press conference, Azad Kisan Union’s national convener Rajendra Singh said, “We have no other option except immolation. Farmers are unable to deposit school fees of their children. They are out of pocket and unable to marry off their children. BJP had promised farmers that they will clear their dues within the stipulated time, but they came to power and forgot the grievances of farmers.”

The rule mandates that FRP amount should be deposited to the farmers’ bank accounts within 14 days after the sugarcane harvest is handed over to the factory owner. On the other hand, sugar mills are unable to pay sugarcane arrears as they have been choked up with surplus stocks of sugar, low demand in the market, and no increment in the minimum selling price.

As per reports, mills in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra have piled up almost Rs 11,000 crore in payment dues to farmers. The two states account for almost 75 per cent of the sugarcane grown in the country.

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