Sugarcane farmers warn protest against Rana sugar mill


Shahabad: Despite Uttar Pradesh government’s strict instructions, the sugar mills in the state have failed to clear sugarcane dues. Rana Sugar mill is yet to pay Rs 16 crore to cane producers. On Sunday, farmers intensified their protest as they claim that it has become difficult for them to survive without money.

Parshuram Sharma, BKU district unit head, said, “Due to the wrong agricultural policy of the government, sugarcane dues are not being paid to the farmers. The rule mandates that cane amount should be deposited to the farmers’ bank accounts within 14 days after the sugarcane harvest is handed over to the factory owners and in case of delay 15 per cent interest on it. But the mill failed to pay the dues.”

“We have threatened to launch an agitation if the mill fails to clear pending arrears of farmers. The farmers are facing financial problems to meet their daily needs and repay the loans taken from banks for cane cultivation.” Sharma further added.

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