Haryana: Sugarcane farmers worry as their crop is under pest attack


Karna, Haryana: Farmers in the region fear losses as their cane crops are under attack by pests like top-borer and pokkah boeng, reports Hindustan Times.

The pests are attacking crops grown in Yamunanagar, Karnal, Kaithal and Kurukshetra and the cane variety Co 0238 is reportedly badly affected. More than 40% of cane is of the same variety, said farmers and experts from the agriculture department.

According to the experts, these diseases could lower crop yield. A farmer from Karnal district said that the farmers have spent around Rs 8,000 to 10,000 per acre to spray fungicides and pesticides but to no avail.

Karam Chand, deputy director of agriculture, Kaithal, said, “The department has decided that pest control will be done by adopting integrated pest management. The farmers have been asked to get 1,000 pheromone traps installed in fields to control the peak borer.”


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