Sugarcane Growers’ Association accuses political parties of playing with farmers sentiments

Mysuru, Apr 12 (UNI) The Consortium of Indian Farmers’ Association and the State Sugarcane Growers’ Association have accused political parties of playing with the sentiments of farmers by making false promises in their election manifestos.

“The promises are nothing but political gimmick. The Association has urged the Election Commission to check the political parties from making promises that cannot be implemented,” said Association President Kurubur Shanthakumar. He warned of going to the court if the parties fail to fulfill the promises, especially those made to farmers.

The Association members met here on Wednesday and discussed the issues that they need to be aware of while casting their votes and offering support to candidates in the upcoming elections.

Shanthakumar said the farmers will move the court if the Congress and the BJP failed to implement the promises made to farmers within six months after coming to power. This will prevent the parties from making promises that cannot be implemented.

In a memorandum to the Election Commission in February this year, the Association had urged it to give directions to political parties that the promises made in manifestos must be implemented. If they are not implemented, the EC must de-recognise the parties and penalise besides taking action against party member, especially the President and other executive/management committees, the Association demanded.

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