Sugarcane prices to increase in Bangladesh


The prices of sugarcane would increase after the scrutiny committee submits its report, said Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mamud Humayun on Saturday.

He was speaking while inaugurating the sugarcane crushing season of the Darshana Sugar Mill.

The domestic demand for sugar in the country is 18 lakh tonnes per year but the sugar output in the country is around 80,000 tonnes. He said that we are importing the remaining 17.2 lakh tonnes of sugar every year.

He said, “The government is taking steps to revive the closed sugar mills and replace the old machinery of the sugar mills. We are encouraging farmers to use sugarcane varieties developed by the Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute (BSRI) to ultimately increase the sugarcane output and sugar production.”

“The mills should apart from producing sugar focus on products like ethanol production and organic fertilizers production,” he further added.


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