Sugarcane scarcity to impact sugar mills in Maharashtra

Pune: According to the reports, the sugarcane crushing season in Maharashtra is likely to last for three months due to sugarcane shortage.

Flood in Pune, Sangli, Satara, Solapur and Kolhapur districts, the sugar belt of Maharashtra, have majorly hit the sugarcane crops, which will ultimately be going to impact the sugarcane production in Maharashtra. Also, farmers have uprooted sugarcane in the severely drought-affected regions of the state to feed their animals as other green fodders were not available. It will also likely to impact sugar output in Maharashtra.

According to a report published in the leading news website, 159 sugar mills had applied for the license for cane crushing. The delay in forming the government is affecting the crushing season. The season may be delayed to November end or early December.”

Last year Maharashtra had produced 107 lakh tonne of sugar by crushing 952.11 lakh tonne of sugarcane. This year sugar production in the state is likely to fall.

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