Suspense over Iqbalpur sugar mill crushing season continues

Roorkee: Considering the excess availability of sugarcane and due to the scepticism of the sugar mill crushing season, the administration has tightened the rules.

According to the reports, the state government has asked the cane farmers to supply their produce to the sugar mills on the fixed dates allotted to them.

The suspense over the operation of the Iqbalpur sugar mill continues as the government has transferred 50 cane collection centres of the mill to other sugar mills. Therefore, it is expected that sugar mills will have plenty of sugarcane for crushing.

The cane will be taken for crushing only on the allotted date, said the official. The farmer will get information about the slip in advance through SMS.

Farmers who gave sugarcane to Iqbalpur sugar mill are in big trouble. Despite agitation by the farmers many times, the mill failed to clear the cane dues. This has enraged the farmers, and they claim that both government and sugar mill is cheating them. Sugarcane farmers claim that their financial condition is worsening day-by-day as they have not received dues from mills. Farmers assert that they are unable to feed their families, nor able to pay school fees of their children.

After mill failed to pay arrears, the government started auctioning of the mill’s sugar but failed to attract the buyers due to stringent bidding rules.

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