Tamil Nadu farmers demand starting of crushing operations at cooperative sugar mills

Madurai: Farmers under the banner of Tamil Nadu Sugarcane Farmers Association protested outside the district collectorate on Friday demanding the government to revive the National Cooperative Sugar Mills in Alanganallur, reports The Times of India.

The operations at the sugar mill were halted in 2019 due to several reasons including a lower supply of sugarcane to the mills. Following the pressure from the farmers and local minister, the government formed a team to inspect the feasibility of the sugar mill.

On June 25, agriculture minister M R K Panneerselvam assured farmers in Alanganallur that the government will take all possible steps to ensure that the mill starts operations.

The farmers said that since then the government has not taken any steps to revive the mill and start operations. The farmers submitted the memorandum of their demands to the collector after a protest urging the government to revive the sugar mill.


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