Tamil Nadu: Ranipet farmers increase sugarcane yeild by adopting modern agricultural techniques

Ranipet, Tamil Nadu: Adoption of modern techniques through government-sponsored schemes have helped Ranipet farmers increase yields and reduce input costs, reports The New Indian Express.

District collector D Baskaranpandian has urged the farmers to use the government schemes to improve their income.

A farmer from the region said that we used to produce 40 tonnes of cane in an acre by traditional method but now we produce 70 tonnes an acre by using drip irrigation methods

This has also helped in reducing the use of water, he said, stating that the reduction in input costs has increased their profit from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 per acre.

Modern techniques like drip irrigation, solar-powered motor pumps, and other such methods have helped the cane farmers to increase their income.


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