Tamil Nadu: Sugarcane farmers to get Rs 123 crore cane dues


Chennai: In a good news for sugarcane farmers in Tamil Nadu, they are likely to receive cane dues. Tamil Nadu Sugarcane Farmers Association on Friday said that officials have agreed to release cane dues of Rs 123 crore for 2018-19 season. Also in this regard, an order was issued by the government.

General secretary of Tamil Nadu Sugarcane Farmers Association, T. Ravindran said, “The cane dues would be released from October 21.”

Due to various reasons, Tamil Nadu sugar industry is in deep crisis, and they are awaiting financial assistance to come on track. Sugar producers from the state have requested a relief package to come out of this grim situation. Drought in the state has impacted the sugarcane production. The cane shortage has affected the mills as many were forced to shut it. Drought impact is likely to persist in season 2019-2020 too.

Association asked the mills to bear the interest to be paid by cane growers to the banks since payments have been delayed by 20 months.

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