Tanzania: Government will not issue sugar import permits to local manufacturers from next year

Dodoma: Tanzania government has decided to suspend the sugar import permits from next year with an aim to increase domestic sugar production.

According to the news report published in ippmedia.com, Agriculture minister, Prof Adolf Mkenda said that the shortage of sugar in the country is not due to the shortage of sugarcane but the failure of the sugar factories to increase their processing capacity.

He was speaking while addressing delegates of the 7th agricultural stakeholders conference at Ntyuka area in Dodoma on Thursday.

“We have decided not to issue sugar import permits to the local sugar manufacturers from next year. We are trying to increase the domestic sugar production by expanding the existing capacity of the sugar factories and by constructing new industries,” he said.

Minister said, “More than 40,000 tonnes of sweetener is imported in Tanzania every year and the country can produce that much cane at a local level.”

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