Tanzania plans to increase sugar production


Tanzanian government aims to produce 700,000 tonnes of sugar per year by 2025 and is working in this direction.

Once the country achieves this target, it won’t need to import sugar to meet domestic demand.

The plan includes setting up small-scale processors who will complement large-scale manufacturers to achieve this goal, said Kitila Mkumbo, Industry and Trade minister.

The Tanzania Engineering and Manufacturing Design Organisation (Temdo) is busy in designing and producing the sugarcane mini-plants that are the major backbone to succeed this plan.

First unit would start operations by June 2022 and each plant will produce a tonne of sugar daily by crushing ten tonnes of sugarcane, he said.

The country is facing a sugar shortage at present and setting up of such plants will help it to suceed. If the plan works out, the country will produce surplus sugar.

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