Haryana: Technical glitch in Sonipat sugar mill resolved; crushing resumes

Sonipat, Haryana: The technical snag that halted operations at the Sonipat Cooperative Sugar Mill has been successfully rectified as of late Monday night, reported Amar Ujala.

Following this, farmers breathed a sigh of relief. The mill administration has issued parchis for the crushing of 25,000 quintals of sugarcane starting Wednesday.

The crushing session at the mill commenced on November 23, inaugurated by Member of Parliament Ramesh Kaushik. Due to a shortage in the supply of sugarcane, the crushing began early on Monday morning. After a few hours and the processing of 1,478 quintals of sugarcane, a technical glitch occurred, leading to a temporary halt in operations. It wasn’t until Tuesday evening that the mill successfully resumed crushing, allowing for approximately 15,000 quintals of sugarcane to be processed.

The technical issue has now been resolved, and the crushing of sugarcane recommenced on Tuesday. To augment the quantity of cane in the yard permits for an additional 25,000 quintals of sugarcane have been issued for Wednesday.

Sanjay Kumar, the Managing Director of the Cooperative Sugar Mill, confirmed the successful resolution of the technical problem and the restart of the crushing operations.


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