Telangana: Minister assures to reopen Muthyampet sugar mill by November 2025

Jagtial: In a visit to the Muthyampet Sugar Factory, IT and Industries Minister D Sridhar Babu assured on Wednesday that the facility would be reopened by November 2025, reported Telangana Today.

During his visit, the Minister engaged with local farmers to seek their opinions and advice, and in response to their request to commence sugar crushing by December 2025, Sridhar Babu committed to resuming factory operations a month earlier.

Addressing the gathering, Minister Sridhar Babu stated that the decision to reopen the factory stemmed from its inclusion in the Congress party’s election manifesto. He emphasized that this initiative was not politically motivated for the upcoming parliamentary elections but rather a commitment made by the State government, which had established a dedicated committee for this purpose.

Stressing a non-partisan approach, Sridhar Babu asserted that the government, with the backing of the local BRS MLA, would proceed with the reopening in a phased manner. Regular consultations with local farmer leaders would guide this process on a fortnightly basis.

As per media report, however, the Minister underscored a crucial condition for the factory’s viability, stating that farmers needed to cultivate 70,000 metric tons of sugarcane across 15,000 acres. Without meeting this agricultural target, the Minister indicated that sustaining factory operations would not be feasible.

The event was attended by MLC Jeevan Reddy, Government whips, and MLAs Adluri Laxman Kumar and Adi Srinivas, among others.


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