Thai Airways tests sustainable aviation fuel on Phuket-Bangkok flight

Thai Airways International, in collaboration with PTT Oil and Retail Business PLC, successfully conducted a pilot flight utilizing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from Phuket to Bangkok on December 13, reported The Thaiger.

The landmark initiative towards environmentally friendly aviation was unveiled during a media briefing at Phuket International Airport.

Head of PTT Oil and Retail Business PLC, Disathat Panyarachun, clarified that the SAF used for the flight was derived from used cooking oil (UCO), sharing a chemical structure similar to traditional Jet A-1 aviation fuel. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) defines SAF as a term representing non-conventional or non-fossil-derived aviation fuel.

SAF possesses properties closely resembling conventional jet fuel, allowing it to be seamlessly blended in varying ratios without requiring modifications to the aircraft or engines. According to reports, the use of sustainably produced, unconventional jet fuel results in a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions throughout its lifecycle compared to fossil fuels.

The pilot flight also involved collaboration with Neste, a Finland-based sustainable fuel production company, PTT International Trading Pte Ltd, and Petco Trading Labuan Company Limited, a Malaysian retailer responsible for transferring the fuel to Phuket. This milestone represents a significant step forward in the aviation industry’s efforts to embrace more sustainable practices.


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