Thai Sugar Millers Corporation predicts sugar production of around 6.6 million tonnes in 2020-21 season

Bangkok, Thailand: Sugarcane growers in Thailand are facing major challenges that are impacting sugar production in the country. These include severe drought and the growing health awareness among consumers.

The domestic sugar production for the crop year 2020-21 (November 2020 to October 2021) is likely to be around 6.6 million tonnes, predicts Thai Sugar Millers Corporation. The production is lowest in the decade.

This year Thailand has received less than average rainfall during the rainy season and the cane output is likely to remain the same as in the 2020-21 season. Many sugarcane farmers are shifting to cassava, which is drought resistant.

The health awareness among Thai consumers is also impacting sugar production in the country. In 2018, Thailand imposed a sugar tax to tackle health-related problems like obesity and diabetes. This has discouraged beverage manufacturers from producing sugary drinks.


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