Thailand: Banning agri-chemicals will affect sugar industry, says expert


The sugar industry experts have criticised the Thailand government’s decision of banning agri-chemicals Paraquat, Chlorpyrifos and Glyphosate will affect the sugar industry.

Dr Kitti Chunhawong said, “Thailand is the fifth largest sugar producer in the world and second-biggest exporter. The ban on paraquat will affect sugar production as well as impact food processing, animal feed and ethanol production sector. There will be a decrease in the production of sugarcane between 20 per cent to 50 per cent. Drop in raw sugar production caused by the ban will cost about 47 billion baht a year. Drop in the raw sugar production will also affect the reduction in molasses production.”

“The government should now come forward and assist the farmers by providing them weed killers and fertilizers along with harvesting machines as their cost of production will increase after the ban on paraquat,” he said.

Kitti urged the government to reconsider the Hazardous Substance Committee’s decision to ban Paraquat, as its effect on human health is still ambiguous.

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