Thailand finalizes sugarcane prices

Thailand’s cabinet approved higher final sugar cane prices for the 2022/2023 season, up 117 baht per tonne to 1,197 baht, and set the initial price for the 2023/2024 season at 1,420 baht, government spokesman Chai Wacharonke said, reported Bangkok Post.

Wacharonke stated that the ultimate prices were assigned to sugarcane with a commercial cane sugar (CCS) sweetness level of 10. CCS serves as a metric for cane sweetness, where a higher sugar content correlates with increased sugar output and a higher CCS. The cabinet also instituted a rate of increase/decrease in the sugar cane price amounting to 71.85 baht per 1 CCS unit.

The return for sugar production and distribution was established at 513.23 baht per tonne of sugar cane crushed. Mr. Chai pointed out that due to the cabinet’s endorsement of a final price exceeding the initial rate by 117 baht per tonne, sugar mills are obligated to compensate the difference to the planters.



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