Thailand warns sugarcane farmers against field burning


Sugarcane fields burning in Thailand is increasing. Therefore now the government comes into an action mode and said the farmers who burnt their sugarcane fields would not receive assistance from the government.

Industry Minister Suriya Juangroongruangkit said, “The policy aims to reduce the fine dust and the assistance will be given to only those farmers who sold fresh sugarcane to the sugar mills.”

According to the farmers, burning the fields before harvest saves money and time. The media reports say that the air quality in eastern Thailand has reached unhealthy levels as farmers continued to burn sugarcane on their plantations. Cane farmers in Thailand often put their fields on the blaze to clear weeds and make way for easier harvesting. However, such fires contribute to the ongoing smog crisis in the country.

Ekapat Wangsuwan, secretary-general of the Cane and Sugar Board said farmers with fresh sugarcane would receive more assistance from the government but all sugarcane farmers would obtain government subsidies for their cultivation costs.

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