Thanabhavan sugar mill starts survey of sugarcane fields

Shamli: Thanabhavan sugar mill has commenced the survey of standing sugarcane crop in its jurisdiction and accordingly would distribute additional cane receipt as per the requirement, reports Jagran.

Shamli and Unn sugar mills have stated that they will start a survey of the sugarcane crops soon.

All three sugar mills began cane crushing operations in November last year and the mills conducted survey surveys before starting crushing operations. Based on the survey, the mills fix the cane crushing calendar and distribute receipts to the farmers. The mills have crushed around 70 per cent of the cane which is around 257.13 lakh quintals. These mills had during last season crushed 355.14 lakh quintal cane.

J B Tomar, senior chief manager (sugarcane) said that during the survey we ensure that the farmers have sent their cane according to the receipts available with them. Sometimes it happens that farmers have more receipts than the cane available with them and we adjust accordingly.



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