The high availability of water may increase sugarcane cultivation in Marathwada

Aurangabad: Here is good news for the sugarcane cultivators in the Marathwada region. The sufficient rainfall during the September-October last year in drought-prone Marathwada region of Maharashtra has helped in maintaining the water level of the 964 reservoirs at 49.79 per cent of capacity as on Monday as compared to just 5.97 per cent on the same day last year.

Water conservation expert Pradeep Purandare said, “The water level in the dams has remained high indicates that there is enough water for irrigation. This high availability may also increase sugarcane cultivation which requires a lot of water.”

According to the data, Jayakwadi dam, one of the biggest reservoirs in the region is 73.33 per cent full. The dam on Godavari River had zero storage last year during the same period. The Manjara dam, major reservoir supplying water to the Latur district remains to be in “zero storage” level as like last year.

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