The Latest Numbers Of Sugar Production Of Major Producing States

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India’s sugar production ascended by 45% this year & reached 281.82 lakh tonnes.
This is about 92.95 lakh tonnes more than last year. Due to unexpected surplus sugar availability the domestic ex-mill prices have crashed once again.

As per industrial sources, the numbers of the Major Producing States as on 05/04/2018 are drawn as follows in Lac MT:
Maharashtra 102.025
Uttar Pradesh 98.74
Gujarat 10.21
Karnataka 35.92
Tamilnadu 3.59

Due to an unexpected surplus sugar availability of around 45 lakh tonne of sugar over and above the required closing balance during the current 2017-18 season, the domestic ex-mill prices have crashed once again, and the all-India average ex-mill sugar price is hovering at about Rs 3,000 per quintal. This is already about Rs 500 to 600 per quintal below the cost of production of sugar.



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