The pace of ethanol blending in China likely to fall in 2022

The ethanol blending rate in China is likely to remain lower in 2022, as per a report filed with the USDA Foreign Agricultural Information Network, according to ethanolproducer.

China had planned to implement the E10 mandate in the country by 2020 but as per the report, it is likely to reach only 1.8% in 2022.

The GAIN report states that China may unofficially shift to E5 by insisting on E10 officially.

Ethanol consumption in China is likely to be 11.85 billion litres (3.13 billion gallons) this year. The ethanol consumption in 2021 was 11.391 billion litres and 10.532 billion litres in 2020 with fuel ethanol consumption at 3.971 billion litres in 2021 and 3.843 billion litres in 2020. China would have required 19 billion litres of ethanol to implement the E10 blending programme by 2020.

The average ethanol blending rate is likely to remain lower from 1.9% last year to 1.8% this year.

There are 22 fuel ethanol refineries in China and total domestic ethanol production in 2022 is expected to reach 11.85 billion litres, up from 10.58 billion litres in 2021 and 10.83 billion litres in 2020.


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