There is nothing wrong with sugar, says Coca-Cola Company CEO


The global chief executive officer (CEO) of The Coca-Cola Company, James Quincey, said that sugar is not a villain to public health in itself and that the problem is consuming it in large amounts.

Quincey said in an interview to the Brazil’s UOL news website that the company is adapting its portfolio to offer products with less sugar and in smaller packaging, in order to address concerns related to obesity. The company supports the goals established by the World Health Organization (WHO) but doesn’t have a specific goal to reduce sugar content in its products, he added.

“We did not set a goal because we are trying to help every consumer. What we are trying to do is supporting the WHO’s goal to help people consume a maximum of 10% sugar in the total daily calories. Each person will reach that number in a different way by consuming different drinks,” he said.

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