These sugar mills selected for efficiency prize


In order to strengthen co-operative sugar mills in the state, the process of upgradation and modernization of mills is under process. As a result of corrective measures to improve the functioning of cooperative sugar mills, four Cooperative Sugar Mills of Uttar Pradesh were selected for the efficiency prize on the basis of performance during crushing season 2017-18 in the subtropical area by National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Fed ltd, New Delhi –

Snehroad – Best Cooperative Sugar mill
Gajraula – Maximum Sugar Recovery
Morna – Cane Development
Belrayan – Maximum Cane Crushing

The above awards were given in a grand function at New Delhi by C.R. Chaudhary, Union Minister, Government of India to the Cane Minister, Government of UP, Sri Suresh Rana, Bimal Dubey, Managing Director, Uttar Pradesh Cooperative Sugar Mill Federation and the General Managers of sugar mills.


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