This variety will help to increase sugarcane production


Kolhapur: Vasantdada Sugar Institute introduced sugarcane variety VSI 12121, which helps to increase sugarcane production. This variety will help farmers to earn more by cultivating sugarcane in the area available with them.

The variety was approved at a joint agricultural research and development committee meeting at Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Agricultural University. It was recommended for sugarcane growers. This variety grows faster and has a higher productivity rate than CO 86032. It grows in 12-14 months and is disease resistant. It can be planted in all three seasons, Pre-Seasonal, current seasonal and the Adsali season.

Features of VSI 12121 variety:

  1. 18.85 per cent higher cane yield than CO 86032.
  2. Good variety for jaggery production.
  3. The average output of 141.24 tonnes per hector.
  4. It is moderately resistant to red rot, red stripe and other diseases.
  5. It can be a good use for fodder.

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