Thorough checking of the mobile numbers, being used for 10 or more Satta receiving SMS Ganna purchies

Commissioner, Cane and Sugar, Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy said that it is often seen that for black marketing of sugarcane, certain unwanted elements are supplying sugar cane by obtaining SMS Ganna purchies of poor cane farmers on the same mobile number. Due to which the poor cane farmers have to bear the loss. To solve this problem and in order to mark SMS Ganna purchies issued for 10 or more Satta on the same mobile number, a war footing level checking is being initiated, so that action can be taken against the guilty by closing the irregular Satta.

Giving detailed information in this regard, the Cane Commissioner said that for black marketing of sugarcane, certain unwanted elements buy standing cane of the small cane farmers and feed own mobile numbers on their Satta. Apart from this, they feed wrong mobile numbers of farmers for black marketing of cane, so that SMS Ganna Purchie is not available to the actual farmer and by taking advantage of this, cane is supplied by the cane mafia on the basis of the acknowledgment sheet.

The Cane Commissioner said that during the investigation, many such cases came to light in which the farmers were informed that cane is being weighed by some other farmers on their purchies and due to this they are not able to get their cane weighed. To redress this, Instructions have been given to the Regional and District level Officers to check SMS Ganna Purchie being received for 10 or more Satta on the same mobile number and rectify the bogus, erroneous and dummy mobile numbers.

He also informed that if there is no supply on those Satta running on bogus, erroneous and dummy mobile numbers, the regional officers have been directed to get such Satta closed and removed them from the system as per the rules.

The Cane Commissioner has also made it clear that if any unwanted elements or cane mafia is found; receiving SMS Ganna Purchie of different Satta on the same number with the intention of black marketing of cane then strict action will be taken against them.


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