Three “must read” books for sugar processing in India

The Indian sugar industry, standing as the second largest agro-based industry contributes significantly to the socio economic development of the nation. With new technologies and techniques constantly emerging rapidly there has been a need for books on updated literature in the subject matter for relevance. No doubt, books related to unit operations in a sugar factory have been written by Indian authors however there are very limited authors and these books were written quite sometime back.

Prof. Narendra Mohan, Director, National Sugar Institute, Kanpur took up the task for the benefit of the students and the technical personnel working with the sugar industry and has published three books on important aspects related to the sugar industry. The books have been published on highly needed literature namely :

1. An insight to sugar manufacture (Rs. 200/- each)
2. Clarification of sugarcane juice (Rs. 300/- each)
3. Evaporators and evaporation technique (Rs. 500/- each)
The prices are exclusive of packing, forwarding and postage.
For procurement of books, send your enquiries to :

More about the author :
Prof. Narendra Mohan after completing Post Graduation in Sugar Technology carried out studies further for award of Fellowship of National Sugar Institute. He has a long and distinguished career of working in the sugar industry and at the institute. A Director, National Sugar Institute, Kanpur he has carried out exemplary work in bringing a radical change in economic, research and consultancy activities of the institute and making a presence felt globally. Prof. Narendra Mohan besides being an excellent, popular and inspiring teacher has been a research worker par excellence who has published more than 100 papers in various international and national journals of repute. His merit and commendable work carried out for improving productivity of the sugar industry has been acknowledged globally for which he has been conferred with many prestigious awards.


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